FAQ's about your Farms  


What is the difference between free-range & pasture raised?

Pasture Raised means the animal is raised to have constant access to fresh grass / free range just means they don't live in a cage.

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Can chickens sustain themselves on just grass?

No. Humans require a balanced diet and thus so do chickens. All our chickens have access to a feed blend of (Wheat, Corn, Soy, Split peas, Barley)

When did you start this?

I formally started investing all my time to growing Your Farms in May of 2016. You can read more about our history by checking out our About us page!

How long have you wanted to do this?

Pretty much my whole life, I've always had a passion for farming.


What size of chicken would feed a family of 4?

Personally speaking, my family eats around a 5 to 6 lb chicken and it can provides us with a good chicken dinner and up to 3 days of left overs. Not to mention the bones for chicken stock.


What type of bird does Your Farms raise?

We raise White Rock, the White Rock is the traditional meat bird bred. The White Rock is a mix of two breeds, the White Cornish and the White Plymouth Rock.


Why pasture rotation?

I raise the birds on pasture to allow them more stimulation, picking bugs, eating grass, sunlight, and the winds. I chose to move them every 3 to 5 days on a new pasture. This movement allows them acesss to fresh grass and all new bugs. This also spreads their manure evenly through the feilds.