The 3 Best Ways to Support your Local Farming Community

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Buying locally produced food is at the heart of what Your Farms represents. We believe that in order to continue to provide free range chicken products to our local community, we need to build a strong network of educated customers, local farmers, local food co-ops, and healthy active living advocates.

How do we support them?

We support our community by actively promoting fellow local food producers that we believe provide high quality food products and by educating our customers about how to find a high quality local food producer in any community. The following are a few easy ways to achieve this;

1. Call your local farmer’s market organizer and get some contact names

Most vendors who take part in farmer’s market are often independent farmers who most likely have additional products that they sell all year long. You can easily find contact info of any vendor by contacting your local farmer’s market organizer. Local organizers often have contact info of their various farmers readily available, so this shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Why you should you call Local Farmers?

You should call because most independent farmers raise livestock, and or sell meat or eggs. By directly calling a local farmer, you’ll often get better prices, by ordering ahead of time or by ordering in bulk (get your friends or family involved to make this more financially feasible).

This is the easiest way to support local farmers, get better prices, and eat high quality local food!

2. Research food co-ops and CSAs in your area.

Food co-op and CSA (Community Sourced Agriculture) are groups that are created with the goal of providing specific food demand solutions that large grocery stores often overlook. (Ex: free- range chicken) Maybe you want to buy artisanal food products, or bulk dry goods, or home-delivered, locally grown produce? Co-ops are the best place to look! Food co-ops and CSA’s provide a wealth of knowledge and are great resources for buying locally grown food.

Great local food co-ops you should check out today:

* Ontario Natural Food Co-opfor a long list of food-co-ops all over Ontario ->

* Headwaters Farm Fresh Local Food -> 

* Eat Local Caledon ->

* West end Food Co-op ->  Toronto Based Food co-op ->

3. Go to websites that serve as local food directories.

There are many national sites that act as online directories for local food producers and suppliers. You can easily find a list of farmers and other local food suppliers in your area.

National Directories worth checking out:

* Ontario CSA Farm Directory - Canadian Farms Ontario Canada ->

* Sustain Ontario ->