Interview with Your Local Farmer Katie Carolan

Interview with Katie Carolan of Your Farms

Q: Why are you so passionate about Sustainable Food?

A: I am passionate about sustainable agriculture in general because I believe it is backbone of our environment, and our local community. I believe that if we are able to blend these worlds together, we can create a better sustainable world. It brings me a great deal of inner peace knowing that I am creating this Symbiotic relationship between helping the land that I live on and that land providing me with food sources in return

Q: What is the biggest challenge you face as a farmer and as a young entrepreneur?

A: Time management is my biggest issue- being your own boss is a big challenge. Iā€™m actively working on mastering my time management skills in my everyday life. Being your own boss means the results you achieve are directly related to how much effort you put into your job.

Q: Any advice to anyone who wants to be involved with local farming?

A: Just jump into it, taking the leap of faith of being involved in your own community, It is the best way to really learn the ins and out of farming. Another big positive is that there is a big demand for help in local communities - especially in Farms. There is no shortage of work in regards to local jobs you can get in the farming industry you get to wake up feeling motivated, you get to take something and really make it your own. I believe this is a feeling everyone should aspire to capture in their own personal life.

Q: What is your long term goal?

A: My long term goal is to have my farm be more of an educational center. Where we can bring in young kids from different communities to show them what the land that they live can do. How you can literally see a seed grow into a plant! To show my local community how fun farming really can be, and to have a very dynamic farm that can provide substantial food sources to my local community. I want be known as being a reliable source of good locally grown food to local restaurants, customers, and to everyone I encounter in the future.

Q: Have you ever felt isolated or judged because you are a young female farmer?

A: Fortunately I have never felt discriminated by my sex in this industry; all my previous employers have treated me very fairly. I also believe I can work just as hard as any male farmer and I view them as my equal. I enjoy proving people wrong and I like the fact that I am part of an industry that not many people are entering. Knowing that is fun for me!