3 Big Misconceptions about Free Range and Pasture Raised Chicken


When it comes to make food purchasing decisions, there is a lot of misinformation and confusion around the definition of food products. Free range chicken has become a trendy word that food advertisers look the throw around but there is a danger to using this word so freely. I believe the best way to create a better future, is to educate the general public on this topic, so that they can become smarter, health conscious consumers and to be able to make more informed food purchasing decisions in the long term. Honesty and transparency are big virtues of Your Farms and I am passionate about empowering my local community and educating them about the benefits of buying local organic food. The following is a list of 3 misconceptions I think are important to talk about:

1.Free Range chicken simply means that chickens were not raised in a cage. 

The length of time that the free range chickens are permitted to be outside varies on jurisdiction. It could imply that these chickens were allowed to be outside their enclosure for 5 minutes or for hour. This is a common misconception and I think it is very important to understand. This is why I encourage all my costumers and everyone to always ask a farmer you are thinking of buying “free range” from how they raised their chickens.

2. Pasture raised chickens on the other hand means that the chickens were allowed to roam freely outside.

Unlike free range chicken, pasture chicken spend all their time enjoying sunshine, eating bugs, and being stimulated by all of their surroundings. There are great health benefits to raising chicken in this manner.

3. Pasture raised chicken is the kind of chicken that most consumers envision when they think of “free range”.

All of our chickens are raised to be pasture raised. I personally believe pasture raised chicken are generally happier, will develop stronger bones, bone marrows, and generally taste better.

I encourage everyone to continuously research their food sources, not only with chicken but with every food product they consume. Honesty is the best policy and I will continue to educate and empower everyone I meet in the future.


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