Feeding Your Family This Christmas

Christmas with Your Farms

Let me paint this picture for you, your favourite Aunt has just sprung a Christmas lunch on you and you have 0 ideas and 8 hungry family members approaching. And no spare time to spend in the kitchen. Don't panic. First Breathe, take out the crock pot and your Your Farms Chicken grab an onion and some garlic. Chop them up, don't worry about presentation you don't have time for that today. Throw it all in the crock pot with the chicken on top. Rosemary and some Olive Oil and Salt and Pepper. Place the lid on turn it on low and step away from the crock pot. There you go you did.

Now wasn't that nice? Get your Free Range Chicken today and be prepared for Family over this Holiday Season. Call Katie or Email her about picking up a chicken today or take advantage of our complimentary delivery service. 

Tel: 519 938 0952

Email: katie@yourfarms.ca

Don't let the Holidays catch you off guard!

Happy Holidays