Your Farms Season 2

Season 2 Your Farms

Hello and Thank you for Tuning into Season 2 of Your Farms!

I’m entering into Season 2 with a lot more knowledge and tons of new ideas, and it couldn’t have been done without your support. I just wanted to say thanks for supporting me, your friendly neighbourhood Chicken Farmer!

Making steps to become more self sufficient and independent, I’ve purchased a large shipping container pimping it out with some vents, insulation, and plumbing. It's a nice and cozy place to keep the baby chicks warm for their first two weeks. To be honest, its probably bigger then most New York apartments!

My first flock is out in the pasture now... foot loose and fancy free! They are enjoying all that Vitamin D and I'm also wishing this weather would continue, come on sun!

My first processing day is the 30th of May, Fresh chicken can be picked up that day and deliveries on order will be going out that night. The Lucky Toronto Market will also have access to Fresh Chicken and cuts the next day. Orangeville will be getting their Fresh Chicken that following Saturday.

Here is the pricing list for 2017

Your Farms Chicken Prices

I know there has been interest in custom cuts. Unfortunately for this year they won't be available due to processing availability.





What Products I'm Trying

I’ve recently been having Allin Mikuna Soups its one of my new favorite meals, all I do is throw it in the crock pot with 4 mason jars of broth and I have a hot and ready meal waiting for me, which is great to come home to after being at a market all afternoon. I recommend you try them out if you're a soup lover like me.

Allin Mikuna Soup
Allin Mikuna Soup

I’ve also been introduced to a wonderful BBQ sauce sold by a vendor at my Toronto market. My favourite part of the product is the fact that there are about 4 ingredients to it and I can pronounce them all. This is something I would definitely recommend so if this piques your interest this sauce will be available from me for deliveries and on-farm purchases.

I have also posted a really quick and easy recipe on my website using the sauce... check it out!

Date Sauce BBQ
Your Farms Farmers Market

Upcoming events

If you want to find me at the markets, check out our Events page to find out what days I will be at your local one! 


I look forward to seeing you all this season out at the markets and at the farm or just in the neighbourhood.


Katie Carolan
Your Farms

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