I'm Katie and I run Your Farms, a local Free Range Chicken Farm that brings you closer to your food. Not only geographical but educationally. Providing you with Non GMO Pasture Raised Chicken

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Born and raised in Caledon Ontario I've always had a passion for local food. My mother being a big advocate for local organic food gave my brother and I a lot of exposure to local farms. At 14, I started a summer job on an organic farm and fell in love with spending my days outside working with my hands.

Hundreds of hours of volunteer work and an internship brought me to New South Wales Australia. I went from picking persimmons in Sydney to collecting eggs in Byron Bay. The Hayters provided me with a wealth of knowledge on pasture raised farming. I learned the ins and outs of farming during my time there- everything from cattle, pork and chickens - they had it all. I thoroughly enjoyed the excitement people got when picking up their free range eggs, and I wanted to share this experience with my own community. So I hung up my surfboard and got my mom to get my skis ready and I headed back to Canada.

With a lot of prep work during the winter season and a tremendous amount of help from friends and family, Your Farms was born along with 500 chick's arriving May 31st 2016. That's where my journey began. Not only was I educating myself on the practice of local sustainable food, I was also heavily involved in my community. Bringing Excitement to people about local agriculture and showing them first hand the benefits to buying local is my biggest passion. Being involved in my local community, educating the public about the benefits of pasture raised farming and owning my own farm are what I will continue to do in the long term.

Your Farms wants to provide your family with healthy nutritious chicken and an educational experience that will bring you closer to the Earth and yourself.

Your Farms Chicken
Your Farms Chicken

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